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Powerful and Scalable platforms for Communication including Unified Communications for Enterprise, Outbound/Inbound services/solutions for Corporate/BPO/Contact Center/Service Providers,Auto-Dialing/Predictive Dialing for BPO/Contact Centers. 

Speech to Script and Anaytics help gather actionable insights to increase customer satisfaction, agent performance, resolution rate, operational efficiency.It helps in reducing costs and mitigate compliance risks. 

We build better websites that speaks in the language your client/markets demand for better business and relations.We offer web hosting services along with web development. We do Software and Application development work tailored to your business needs.

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We are into business of making your life easier by letting you focus more and better on business expansion then on operational matters especially business communication needs by offering better services and solutions focused on communication needs of your business using SIP Technology.We help you connect better with your clients or your clients with you using various communication mediums like voice,sms,chat,video along with speech/voice analytics.

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1000+ customers in over 10+ countries grow their businesses with BTBIZ

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We help you diversify your services across web, mobile apps, phone, email, messages etc.


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Tailored Connectivity Solutions For Every Team(We know, even two people dreaming big is a team!): We know your business connectivity needs to be as flexible as your customers are unique. We can transform how your business controls and optimises employee and client communication, productivity and connectivity, whatever the role or requirement.




Access 100+ easy to use tools that will give you the power to manage access, permissions, and usage across all your business communications and devices – LIVE.