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About Us

We know Enterprise Communications well,twenty plus years now doing it globally. We have long relationships with best carriers for high quality,voice,sms,video,inbound numbers and outbound dialing for any country,be it auto/predictive dialing even. We partnered with best platform providers for their stability,scalability and easy integrations availability.We are licensed service providers in US,UK,India.Our distributed team which forms the backbone of our company lives and works in five major cities in india and five countries.We are expanding and hiring.We Wish all the companies ,bigger or smaller, in the same space all the best, we thank you for being around as you help us get better learning what to do or what not to do to excel.Finally, We thank our customers who keep our business booming and keep us on our toes 24/7. You are invaluable and you are the reason why we exist and strive to do better in this space.


BTBIZ Mission

To serve better communication services, better web,s/w and app development,better speech analytics to millions of enterprise globally. The essence is better service/product. We know and understand and we value how critical these are for your business/life. We take it seriously.We believe there is a better way to communicate using these platforms,technologies and development. We compete with ourselves every minute looking to exceed client expectations by looking at ways and implementing those to improve our products and services. We give back to the society as we add more team, as we donate to an NGO or for a cause that improves lives of people.We look to give more.

BTBIZ Adventure

As our company, the adventure started the day I realised that there are better ways of doing things, after spending 15 plus years in the same product/service and market catering to thousands of clients globally.Customers were always there so were providers,service/platform.The best combination was formed and creating a team which knows it in and out and are customer focused.BTBIZ as a company was formed in 2023 with relevant other telecom licenses in US,UK and India.We stand our ground when it comes to laws of land,telecom,marketing.We advise clients on how to be on the best side of the law not just the right side.Adding value to clients business is the journey we are on. We lean, we fail, we fall, we rise again, we relearn, we unlearn and we serve well.This is continuous and infinite journey which has no end, there is only a journey to enjoy while doing our best and doing best for our clients,partners and the society, the environment we live in.


BTBIZ By The Numbers

3+ Locations

50+ Employees

1000+ Clients

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